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TLR  bay bayonet 1 lens hood  Rollei etc fit
Sofort-KaufenCHF 28,85+CHF 4,77Restzeit:5Std 26Min
Durst  fit  39mm x 0.75mm enlarger threaded cone top hat mount 78mm  dia
Sofort-KaufenCHF 72,23+CHF 12,94Restzeit:5Std 26Min
genuine  Miranda  fit rear lens cap
Sofort-KaufenCHF 24,51+CHF 4,77Restzeit:5Std 26Min
62mm screw in metal male filter stack cap hoya japan
Sofort-KaufenCHF 14,39+CHF 4,27Restzeit:5Std 26Min
genuine Kodak USA  series VI 6 hood screw in aluminium
Sofort-KaufenCHF 36,08+CHF 4,77Restzeit:5Std 26Min
series 6 32mm  31.5mm push fit USA brass adapter ring  & retainer
Sofort-KaufenCHF 36,08+CHF 4,77Restzeit:5Std 26Min
genuine Hoyarex  Filter system  holder & 55mm  adapter made in japan
Sofort-KaufenCHF 24,51+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 19Min
Vivitar Pentax ES fit M42 Auto extension tubes japan made
Sofort-KaufenCHF 86,75+CHF 15,69Restzeit:7Std 26Min
Vivitar TX  Pentax ES fit m42 pentax screw mount
Sofort-KaufenCHF 57,48+CHF 12,36Restzeit:7Std 30Min
Zeiss Icarex T4  Mount badged soligor
Sofort-KaufenCHF 54,88+CHF 5,42Restzeit:7Std 34Min
45mm screw in Extension Tubes 15mm & 30mm
Sofort-KaufenCHF 24,51+CHF 5,35Restzeit:7Std 34Min
BPM Bellows Petriflex body adapter
Sofort-KaufenCHF 21,68+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 34Min
32mm push fit  slip on bright brass Chrome lens hood shade badged actina
Sofort-KaufenCHF 20,17+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 34Min
BPM Bellows petri Petriflex lens adapter
Sofort-KaufenCHF 28,91+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 34Min
original  Olympus OM  metal lens hood for 28mm 2.8 3.5 wide angle used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 18,73+CHF 5,06Restzeit:7Std 34Min
later Miranda Waist / chest level finder
Sofort-KaufenCHF 50,25+CHF 5,35Restzeit:7Std 34Min
genuine MPP Micropress cone extension lens board for compur copal 0
Sofort-KaufenCHF 72,29+CHF 9,47Restzeit:7Std 34Min
Mamiya Press 42mm clamp on genuine lens hood
Sofort-KaufenCHF 35,79+CHF 7,95Restzeit:7Std 34Min
32mm push fit slip on lightweight lens hood shade used , german made
Sofort-KaufenCHF 14,39+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 34Min
m42  screw Auto Extension Tubes
Sofort-KaufenCHF 20,17+CHF 5,06Restzeit:7Std 34Min
genuine pentax cable release F,fits MZ, PZ, ZX and SF
Sofort-KaufenCHF 36,14+CHF 4,27Restzeit:7Std 34Min
Arca 171mm  Monorail recessed lensboard pilot hole 13mm recess
Sofort-KaufenCHF 101,21+CHF 11,57Restzeit:7Std 34Min
49mm to 52mm filter male to male coupler macro
Sofort-KaufenCHF 14,45+CHF 3,43Restzeit:7Std 34Min
37mm 37.5mm push fit slip on sprung  lens hood shade pre war Bessa fit
Sofort-KaufenCHF 43,31+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 34Min
55mm to 55mm filter male to male coupler macro japan
Sofort-KaufenCHF 14,45+CHF 4,34Restzeit:7Std 34Min
Tamron Bayonet lens hood for 70-210mm F/4-5.6  (58fh)
Sofort-KaufenCHF 14,45+CHF 3,90Restzeit:7Std 34Min
original Canon FD 5.5mmm extension adapter TR52 for 52mm filter thread
Sofort-KaufenCHF 21,68+CHF 4,77Restzeit:7Std 43Min
olympus OM (film camera) fit reverse mount to 55mm filter macro used  kiron
Sofort-KaufenCHF 43,31+CHF 11,50Restzeit:7Std 48Min
genuine Sinar F & P lens board 14mm top hat  34.6mm copal 0 hole
Sofort-KaufenCHF 86,69+CHF 15,26Restzeit:8Std
Sinar Horseman 8mm top hat  lensboard copal 1
Sofort-KaufenCHF 86,75+CHF 15,83Restzeit:8Std 5Min
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