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Canon FD FL fit reversing  ring  for 55mm filter thread macro coupler, japan
Sofort-KaufenCHF 29,06+CHF 5,06Restzeit:12Std 43Min
46mm screw in  metal & plastic Lens Hood standard & telephoto ,used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 18,32+CHF 5,06Restzeit:12Std 43Min
straight telephoto 77mm screw in metal lens hood
Sofort-KaufenCHF 22,92+CHF 5,37Restzeit:12Std 43Min
62mm wide angle lens hood metal screw in ( 72mm internal filter thread)
Sofort-KaufenCHF 24,46+CHF 5,37Restzeit:12Std 43Min
49mm screw in Lens Hood shade photax  japan used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 18,32+CHF 5,06Restzeit:12Std 43Min
37mm  push fit slip on lens hood shade ,aluminium
Sofort-KaufenCHF 35,25+CHF 5,06Restzeit:12Std 43Min
49mm  Lens Hood shade hoya  japan used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 25,99+CHF 5,06Restzeit:12Std 43Min
orginal Tamron adaptall 2 fit  58mm  front  lens cap  used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 13,72+CHF 5,06Restzeit:12Std 43Min
30mm push fit  lens hood  slip on shade chrome brass agfa fit
Sofort-KaufenCHF 18,75+CHF 4,70Restzeit:16Std 13Min
 Retina bayonet  shade lens hood  for 50mm  1B 11C 111C & the earliest reflex
Sofort-KaufenCHF 42,26+CHF 4,70Restzeit:16Std 13Min
genuine  Retina 32mm push slip on  shade lens hood
Sofort-KaufenCHF 32,85+CHF 4,70Restzeit:16Std 13Min
vintage 40.5mm metal & plastic shade lens hood  GB made
Sofort-KaufenCHF 22,51+CHF 4,70Restzeit:16Std 13Min
49mm to 52mm filter step up  ring   japan used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 6,82+CHF 3,07Restzeit:20Std 57Min
pentax edixa etc fit  m42  reverse ring to 55mm filter macro coupler japan
Sofort-KaufenCHF 21,39+CHF 5,06Restzeit:20Std 57Min
tamron badged 58mm telephoto plastic  lens hood
Sofort-KaufenCHF 18,38+CHF 5,06Restzeit:20Std 57Min
original Sinar  lens board panel for  copal  3 shutters
Sofort-KaufenCHF 76,59+CHF 13,11Restzeit:20Std 57Min
small 40.5mm screw in lens hood japan used badged sankyo
Sofort-KaufenCHF 22,92+CHF 5,37Restzeit:20Std 57Min
original Sinar  lens board panel for  copal  3 shutters with offset rise
Sofort-KaufenCHF 91,92+CHF 13,11Restzeit:20Std 57Min
Arca 171mm  Monorail recessed lensboard copal 0
Sofort-KaufenCHF 122,65+CHF 13,95Restzeit:20Std 57Min
Sinar  filter holder  hasselblad B50 mount adaptor used 547.81.069
Sofort-KaufenCHF 54,82+CHF 5,98Restzeit:20Std 57Min
Leica fit  L39  39mm LTM screw thread T2 mount for rangefinder
Sofort-KaufenCHF 53,65+CHF 4,52Restzeit:20Std 57Min
original  Mamiya P mount adapter for bayonet NC to fit m42 lenses on mamiya 35mm
Sofort-KaufenCHF 73,52+CHF 13,11Restzeit:20Std 57Min
original Sinar top hat 19mm  lens board panel for  copal  1 shutters
Sofort-KaufenCHF 91,92+CHF 13,11Restzeit:20Std 57Min
32mm push fit slip on  BDB  lens hood  nettar
Sofort-KaufenCHF 21,39+CHF 5,17Restzeit:20Std 57Min
wide angle 55mm shallow metal lens hood  8mm  deep
Sofort-KaufenCHF 22,92+CHF 5,67Restzeit:20Std 57Min
genuine Robot   38mm screw in & push fit slip on  Red filter 6x
Sofort-KaufenCHF 42,55+CHF 5,37Restzeit:20Std 57Min
genuine Nikon nikkormat flash shoe
Sofort-KaufenCHF 38,26+CHF 5,29Restzeit:20Std 57Min
genuine Voigtlander 37mm push fit slip on  focar 1 close up lens bessa 1 & 11
Sofort-KaufenCHF 45,98+CHF 5,37Restzeit:20Std 57Min
49mm Rubber Lens Hood shade hoya  japan used
Sofort-KaufenCHF 16,79+CHF 5,06Restzeit:20Std 57Min
genuine Nikon HS-4 lens hood for 105mm f4 Nikkor
Sofort-KaufenCHF 38,26+CHF 5,06Restzeit:20Std 57Min
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